'World's Toughest Job' applicants in for a heartfelt surprise

By Jenna Iacurci, Parent Herald April 15, 04:52 pm

"World's Toughest Job" applicants were given a heartfelt surprise at the end of their interviews.

Mullen Boston fashioned the campaign entitled "World's Toughest Job for American Greetings' CardStore" that launched with a fake job listing.

The Boston agency posted the ad for the "Director of Operations" position online and in newspapers. Of the 2.7 million people who saw the job posting, only 24 applied, Fox 25 reported. Looking at the description, it's not surprising why:

  • Constant exertion

  • Continuous standing

  • Work 135 hours per week

  • No breaks

  • No vacations

  • Increased workload on holidays

  • Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills

  • Degree in medicine, finance and culinary arts

The applicants undergo a real interview via video chat in which these demands are reiterated. Most applicants don't know how to react.

"If you had a life, we ask you to sort of give that life up," the interviewer adds.

And the kicker is, after hearing all of these conditions, the interviewees are told that the position pays $0, to which they react with apprehension and astonishment.

But each applicant reaches an "aha" moment when the interviewer confesses that billions of people in fact hold this job - moms.

They react with laughter as understanding registers on their faces.

"Oh my god, moms are the best!" one person exclaims in the video.

Of course, that got everyone thinking about their moms and all that they do for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. "They meet all the requirements, don't they," the fake interviewer noted.

"Thank you so much for everything you do. I know it doesn't seem like I appreciate all of it, but I definitely do," another applicant shared.

After the emotional reveal, the video ends with the caption: "This Mother's Day, you might want to make her a card."

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