Reversing Brain Damage: New Dietary Supplement May Be The Key To A Younger Brain

By Sno-Ann Digon, Parent Herald June 03, 12:54 pm

Brain cells deteriorate as one ages, however, a breakthrough discovery from the McMaster University showed that damage to the brain may be reversed and even prevented. The discovery revolves around a dietary supplement made up of natural ingredients, which includes 30 vitamins and minerals.

Dietary Supplement Is The Key

Medical Express reported that the research conducted by scientists from McMaster University revealed that this dietary supplement can delay and even reverse the progress of neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, ALS and Alzheimer's. According to these researchers, the results were very promising.

The formula behind the dietary supplement was authored by scientists from the university's department of biology. They came up with the formula back in the year 2000. The formula included a mixture of cod liver oil, green tea extracts, folic acid, and the basic Vitamins B, C and D. Other ingredients were termed as nutraceuticals.

Mice Testing

The formula developed was tested on mice. The mice utilized suffered from more than half of the loss of their brain cells, simulating the effects of Alzheimer's in humans. Upon reaching this stage, they were fed with the formula in little amounts over the course of seven months. The formula was placed on small pieces of bagels which the mice had no problem consuming.

After the seventh month, the mice were evaluated and it was found that severe brain cell loss was eradicated. The other good news was that cognitive decline was likewise eliminated.

Promising Results

Based on the results of the research, the dietary supplement holds a very high promise when it comes to reversing and preventing brain damage in humans. According to the authors of the study, mice also have the same cell mechanisms as humans do, which is why, if the dietary supplement worked for them, there is a huge possibility it will also do wonders to humans.

Science Daily reported that aside from showing signs of less brain cell damage, the mice also had improved vision and better sense of smell. In addition to these, the researchers also noticed improved balance among the subject mice.

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