Pregnancy Update: New Studyy Claims Urine Samples Can Detect Pregnancy Disorder

A new study done by a group of researchers says that some serious pregnancy disorder could now be detected using a simple urine test. It is a non-invasive way of determining whether a pregnant woman has preeclampsia.

According to Science Daily, different scientists found out that urine samples could now detect if a woman has preeclampsia in during the early stage of her pregnancy. This disorder involves high blood pressure and their urine having a large amount of protein, which is not good during pregnancy. This also means that their pregnancy would be difficult since they too are prone to experiencing headaches that could be unbearable and would also result in fainting. The body could also swell and there are even more dangerous symptoms that await a pregnant woman should she be diagnosed with preeclampsia.

Mayo Clinic wrote that this disorder has the ability to damage other vital organs of a pregnant woman, which includes her kidneys. This usually occurs right after the first three months of pregnancy and it is quite tricky because her blood pressure would appear to be normal. But after that first three months, if she is positive with preeclampsia, the slightest rise in her blood pressure would indicate danger towards her and the baby she is carrying.

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This should be treated as soon as it was diagnosed because preeclampsia could actually be fatal due to the complications that it would bring to both the mother and her unborn child. But if it is too late for treatment, the only solution is to deliver the baby. This case would be very challenging for doctors, especially when they would have to choose between who they would have to save. Unfortunately, those instances happen when preeclampsia is detected late during pregnancy.

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