These Cultural And Language Summer Camps Immerse Participants Into Indigenous Culture

By Samantha Finch, Parent Herald June 13, 04:19 am

Different indigenous cultures are not long gone. Some people are making efforts to preserve the culture of indigenous tribes, and they are doing it through teaching the old civilization's customs and traditions.

Several summer camps are hosting programs that make attendees disconnect from their lives wrapped around technology and the modern world. For a few days, these culture and language camps give participants a glimpse about how it was like living in the old days where modernity was too far away yet.

Great Lakes Cultural Camps

Great Lakes Cultural Camps, or GLCC, is located on Manitoulin Island, Ontario in Canada. Director and founder Maheengun Shawada said the camp's summer programs include traveling along water and rivers to explore historical sacred sites that were used by our ancestors. Once there, participants learn some facts about the areas and the people who inhabited them.

GLCC offers a range of outdoor activities such as stand up paddle board, wilderness canoe trips, kayaking and whitewater rescue training. The camp's whitewater locations for paddling are the Serpent River, Wanapitei River, Palmer Rapids and Gatineau River.

Ghost River Rediscovery

According to Ghost River Rediscovery's website, the camp sees "strength for the future in our ancient connection with the earth." Through Rediscovery, participants will be able to understand how indigenous people contributed to the world we have today. Attendees will also learn how to cultivate positivity in their own families and communities where strength, acceptance and respect thrive.

Rediscovery camp attendees don't have access to technology, electric power and running water. Experienced camp leaders will teach basic survival skills including shelter building and starting a fire.

There's storytelling and "spirit spot" as well, a challenge-by-choice activity where campers will be alone in nature between 30 minutes and 1 hour. This activity is totally safe given that camp staff will check on the attendees regularly.

Camp Jungai

Camp Jungai in Australia offers indigenous education programs designed around the National Curriculum. The camp offers different sessions based on a student's age and year level.

All ages and year levels will attend the evening cultural sessions that breaks down the stereotypes and myths about indigenous Australians. Students will also get to touch real indigenous tools, weapons and artifacts, as well as paint boomerangs and throw them.

In addition, there are indigenous dance and storytelling and exploration of native plants surrounding Camp Jungai. Those plants were used by indigenous tribes as medicine and food. The young participants will also get to attend lessons designed to immerse students in nature and teach them how indigenous people took care of their lands.

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