Already Given Birth But Still Looking Pregnant; What To Do About It?

By Adeline King, Parent Herald June 14, 08:39 am

It's been months or even years after giving birth but then you still look like you're pregnant, and those friends of yours whom you've never met in a while still congratulates you for your tummy. To which you reply, "I'm not pregnant, it's just my mommy tummy."

This thing we call as the mommy tummy is actually a body condition of women postpartum. The inability of their bodies to loose it's elasticity, just like an overstretched rubber band.

It is known as 'diastasis recti'. Diastasis meaning separation and recti is your abs-muscles.  It is simple the sticking out of your belly because the space between your left and right body muscles have widened and was not able to go back to its original form. has explained that this happens because of the culprit which could be the hormone or over expanding of the uterus. While other mommies turn out to be their sexy self after giving birth, some women have to struggle with looking for ways to bring their bodies back to their before pregnancy state.

Who are affected?

Those who develop such condition are mostly women with poor muscle tone. Other causes to diastasis recti are petite women pregnant with multiple babies at one time, or have had more than one pregnancy, or if you have a sway back posture.

How to cure it?

There is a cure for diastasis recti. There are exercises that could help you get you old body back, and have it in all its sexy glory. The good thing having your old body back after pregnancy gives women confidence. It also helps make women look healthier.

Physical Therapy can also be done if a mommy feels she will need a help with treating her diastasis recti. It would be a relief to get help from a professional or you can read more from your co-mommy

Here is a video exercise to cure diastasis recti. Goodbye mommy belly fat!

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