Feature on CNN 'Declassified': CIA Mom Reveals Her Secret Spy Life to Her Kids

By Adeline King, Parent Herald June 16, 06:09 am

What would it be like to find out that a person close to you worked for the CIA? What would it be like if you found out that, that person is no other than your mom?

This is one of the stories that will be featured on CNN, on June 19. The premier episode will follow the life of Martha Peterson, she is the first woman who was a spy deployed in the Iron Curtain. The premier episode will be aired at 10pm ET/PT.

According to the excerpt from her book entitled, "The Widow Spy," it was in 1997 when she first told her children about her secret life as a spy. At first she was unsure whether to tell, them. It scared her that her family will be mad at her for not disclosing her life to them while living with them for a very long time.

So, she set up a lunch with her kids. Back in April 1997, when her son Tyler was 17 and her daughter Lora was 15. They were in her car, and when her kids asked her, "What's up?" She blurted out, "I work for the CIA." Then they laughed at her. Feelings of apprehension went on through her mind as her children asked more details about her secret life and what else has she not told them.

They went to the CIA Headquarters after that, and she took her kids on a tour. She sensed it was a bit of shock to her kids when they saw a guard addressed them directly, and gave them an ID pass that denotes they are visitors to the place and that they needed to be escorted.

They then passed along the hall of the photos of silent stars, an honor given to men who gave their lives in service to their country. She was able to tell her kids that she was married once, before she knew their father. Her life was interesting and colorful with all the challenges she had to face, losing her first husband, re-marrying and having kids and working for the CIA.

If you'd like to read more of her story, you can find Martha Peterson's book on Amazon.com. Also don't forget to watch the premier of this CNN special "Declassified."

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