'American Horror Story' Season 6 Air Date, News & Update: Bloody S6 Set In Thacher School? Evan Peters Prepared With A Dictionary For 'Hotel?'

By Zee Mara, Parent Herald June 18, 07:46 pm

"American Horror Story" Season 6 began production work on June 7 and conjecture says S6 will use Thacher School as setting. Preparations for "American Horror Story" do tend to be as intense as the show itself with Lady Gaga studying a serial killer and Evan Peters studying the dictionary to get ready for "Hotel."

According to Pop Sugar the clue on the Thacher School setting in "American Horror Story" Season 6 came from the "Hotel" finale. Detective John Lowe, played by Wes Bentley, name-dropped Thacher School for his daughter while they stayed at Hotel Cortez in "American Horror Story" Season 5.

Pop Sugar points out that Thacher School did not have to be named, unless it was the link in "Hotel" to "American Horror Story" Season 6. This ties in with an Entertainment Tonight report that creator Ryan Murphy named "opera" and "children" as concepts for "American Horror Story" Season 6.

Unlike previous seasons, "American Horror Story" Season 6 will try to integrate these two concepts into the plot. "Both [season six] ideas we're working with have elements of children," Ryan Murphy said.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Ryan Murphy revealed that all the seasons of "American Horror Story" are connected. The unveiling of these connections began with "Hotel."

This means plot clues for "American Horror Story" Season 6 already exist in previous seasons. Those who would like to do advanced sleuthing for "American Horror Story" Season 6 can review "Hotel" as well as "Murder House," "Asylum," "Coven," "Freak Show."

That should render a fun review as "American Horror Story" cast take serious preparations for their roles. While Lady Gaga spoke about studying a documentary on a purported serial killer to develop The Countess, Evan Peters studied the dictionary for his role as Hotel Cortez founder James Patrick March.

Yahoo! cites an interview by The Wrap with Evan Peters, who expressed his joy in the lines he was given as serial killer James March in "American Horror Story" Season 5. According to Evan Peters, James March used a lot of words he had never heard before and relied frequently on his dictionary to understand and learn his "American Horror Story" Season 5 lines.

No less is expected from "American Horror Story" Season 6, which reportedly will bring back Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates alongside Lady Gaga, Leslie Jordan and Evan Peters. "American Horror Story" Season 6 premiere is expected to air on FX this fall.

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