Father's Day: Find Out Why This Aspirant For Secretary of State in Oregon Uses Father’s Day to Defend Abortion

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald June 19, 01:51 am

One can always put aside work and politics on Father's Day, but not Brad Avakian. Abortion activists are strongly supporting Brad Avakian's candidacy; no wonder why he stood up for them and their cause on this very special day.

Brad Avakian, who is vying for secretary of state in Oregon, just recently wrote a Father's Day column about why he supports abortions as cited on Refinery 29. At the start of the column, Avakian substantially explains that the radical pro-abortion group NARAL provided Avakian's piece to the website.

Avakian mentions, of course, his election campaign but only briefly. Most of his piece, accord to an article on Life News, is excerpted right out of the pro-abortion playbook. Avakian said that he supports abortion as he wants his daughter, Claire, as well as his son, Nathan, to have equal opportunities in life. He thinks that other fathers should, too. "Reproductive freedom is important to making this possible - and there is no reproductive freedom without access to safe and legal abortion. I trust my daughter to make the best decision for her future," he said in a statement.

Avakian goes on to say that he will firmly support his daughter if she decides to terminate a pregnancy in the future. He did not mention at all about the grandchild whose life he would support killing.

Avakian, in a roundabout way, then accuses pro-lifers of passing laws which unfairly target as well as limit women. Even if Avakian did not go into specifics, it is not difficult to know what these laws are. In February, NARAL endorsed Avakian. NARAL strongly opposes any laws which regulate abortion in any way, including common-sense laws like informed consent requirements which ensure women receive information about all their choices and the risks of abortion, abortion clinic regulations, parental consent for minors and late-term abortion bans.

He concludes his Father's Day column by leaving a promise that he will champion for women in the US. "At the end of the day, women, not politicians, are the experts of their own lives," he expressed. "This means we must trust them to make their own decisions about their futures and - as fathers, and brothers, and husbands, and men for choice - do everything we can to support them along the way," he added further.

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