'Finding Dory' and Autism Spectrum Disorder: What the Movie Can Teach Us About Autism

By Adeline King, Parent Herald June 20, 08:59 am

"Finding Dory" is the movie spin off for "Finding Nemo" the movie. We remember Dory as being the fish whom Nemo's father met while searching for Nemo who was abducted by the deep sea divers.  

What we should notice of Dory's character is that she is forgetful, as much as she doesn't want to be, she just does. Poor Dory suffers from short term memory loss.

A contributor from The Mighty, Erin Clemens, said that watching the movie hits home to her. Erin lives with the autism spectrum for so many years now and she loved Ellen DeGeneres. It's one of the reason why she went to watch "Finding Dory".

She mentioned that in the movie Dory as forgetful as she is, she has always apologized for it. Erin felt like, her autism does that to her too. People living on the autism spectrum, have the tendency to do things that they don't mean but they can't help it. It could be very basic such as simple stimming, yet typical people find it annoying.

According to Erin, for the most part of her life, that is how she felt. Dory always apologizes because of being forgetful and Erin feels like she apologizes for her autism. As much as she doesn't really want her situtation, she admits to a time where she wishes she never had autism.

Something significant she learned about finding Dory and her autism spectrum disorder is that it's ok to be different. It is good to be different and it is ok to struggle sometimes. Erin says she feels there are a lot of things she is not capable of doing and she apologizes for that as well.

She cried when she watched the movie. To all of those who can identify with Dory, remember that you are not alone. Keep at it, you're fine. Just as Dory says, "just keep swimming!"

The movie premiered on June 8, 2016, released by Disney Pixar. It has become a box office hit according to Yahoo News.

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