The 2 Simple Tips For Parents To Keep Kids Safe In Crowds, According To Police

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald June 24, 12:40 am

Parents, are you taking your kids to crowded sites this summer? While this can be a fun experience for the family, large crowds at theme parks, zoos, beach and other attractions could also pose potential dangers.

As recent events have shown, accidents can happen even to the most competent moms and dads. But it does pay to prepare, be proactive and come up with concrete ways to avoid putting your children in harm's way, especially when the family is in a public place.

The Clovis Police Department in California shared valuable tips that will help parents keep their children safe in crowds. In a Facebook post, the authorities suggest two simple things parents must do:

- Write contact details on the child's wrist and apply liquid band aid on it so that it will not be easily erased. This works like a temporary tattoo and a full DIY instruction on how to do this is detailed on Weight Down Weight Loss

- Take photos of the kids on the day of our family outing. In case they get lost, parents can show the photos for easier identification.

The tip is not only timely, given what's going on in recent weeks, but it is also timeless. In fact, the Clovis Police Department first shared the tip back in September 2015 when a local festival took place.

Parents can also prepare ID tags, or ID bracelets, or ID cards in the kids' pockets, in lieu of the temporary tattoo. But take note that the kids might lose this when they are too busy in the rides or playing in the sand.

It would also be good if parents check what security measures are in place in the sites the family plans to visit. For instance, SeaWorld gives guests wristbands for small children and they are instructed about who they can approach in case they get lost, per Pop Sugar.

Have you talked to your children about what they must do in a crowded place? What other tips can you share for other parents? Let us know in the comments!

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