Toy Gun Licence For Kids: Is This Make Believe Permit Doing Harm Or Good?

By Zee Mara, Parent Herald June 30, 06:48 am

C&K Kindergarten in Queensland, Australia has been issuing "gun licenses" to children for their toy guns. A question is posed, however, as to whether or not such an introduction will generate more harm than good among children.

ABC News reports that the C&K Kindergarten in Kilkivan in Australia began issuing make-believe "gun licenses" to their students when interest in playing with guns was determined in one of the children. C&K Kindergarten Anne Bicknell saw this is an indication that children would benefit from education on responsible gun use, or play as is the case with the students.

The C&K Kindergarten director pointed out that a number of the children who attend the center come from homes where parents own guns. Rather than ban gun play from C&K Kindergarten, Anne Bicknell developed the toy "gun license" program as part of education.

C&K Kindergarten began the toy "gun license" initiative in 2011 and this had the support of by the Minister Of Education Kate Jones. Reportedly a child, who seemed obsessed with guns, attended C&K Kindergarten then.

"He had lots of toy guns and we just couldn't find a good reason to say no to him ... that's where it all began," Anne Bicknell shared. In the C&K Kindergarten toy "gun license" program, the children have to answer questions to apply for the permit.

Essentially the C&K Kindergarten students are committing to safe gun play and to abide by safety rules through the gun license application process. The toy guns brought to school have to abide by particular model limits and are cared for and kept as if they were real guns.

Brisbane Times reports that a psychology and parenting expert found the toy "gun license" program unnecessary and protest-worthy. Professor Matt Sanders of the Positive Parenting Program highlights that lasting safety consciousness in relation to gun use is not likely to result from the program.

Furthermore, Matt Sanders points out that the toy "gun license" program by C&K Kindergarten may develop greater interest in gun use among the students. "There are so many things that children can play with in the natural world and the world of toys and other activities," Matt Sanders highlighted.

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