Gun Safety: Florida Dad Blames Himself for the Death of His 14 Year Old Son After Accidental Firing

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald July 08, 09:24 am

A family from Florida met a tragic accident after a father accidentally shot his 24 year old son who lost his life. Though it was proved to be an accident, the father took the blame for the death of his son stating that "the gun didn't kill his son, but he did."

On July 3, the 63 year old William Claton Brumby took his sons to the High Noon Gun Range which is said to be the safest indoor gun range in the area. As William was showing his sons how to use the gun, fate grew dark as he fired a 22 semiautomatic pistol while he was on his last lane.

The bullet of the gun ricochet on the wall which fell on his shirt, the hot casing then startled William where he then ended up accidentally firing the gun which was aimed into the ceiling. Though it was not aimed at his 14 year old son, the bullet ricochet once again, hitting his son according to WSTP.

Emergency care came right away, but the rescuers failed to revive Stephen. He was even rushed to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where the staff did their best to save his live, but failed. Stephen's death was purely accidental but William can help blaming himself.

"He wanted to take us to the shooting range to spend time with us, but also teach us how to be a man," David, the 24 year old son told the reporters. "How to protect the family when it needed to be protected. It was just a complete freak accident. I cried so much yesterday that my eyes were stinging."

CBS then released an additional report stating that the family is caught in a grieving stage where William took full responsibility for what happened. Stephen's death however didn't change William's views when it comes to using gun as a defense weapon, but pointed out that gun safety and education is a must.

"Every round in the gun is your responsibility'" William said. "When it fires you need to stand to account for it. That's what I've spent the last two days doing, accounting for my operating error."

Thousands are caught in an accidental gun affiliated death each year, which makes gun safety and education important. As parents, would you place a gun inside your home for protection even if there's kids? Do let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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