Deaf Child Teaches Her Deaf Dog Sign Language, A Story That Would Bring You To Tears

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald July 13, 04:40 am

In this time when the world seems to be a dark place because of the many inhumane acts we are seeing on the news, here is a story that would inspire you and would put a smile on your face. It is about an unlikely friendship between a child who is deaf and her dog who has the same condition as hers. This is the story of 10-year-old Julia who teaches her dog, Walter, sign language.

In an article published by Identities.Mic, the two's unlikely bond would make you believe in love and hope again. Julia's love for Walter is so inspiring that they are showing the world how disability cannot hinder them from communicating despite their differences. Walter came from the Pasadena Humane Society (PHS), which is an organization that helps in treating animals with a disability.

A video posted by on Jul 11, 2016 at 4:10pm PDT

Walter is deaf and so is Julia, but this didn't stop them from having a special bond. In fact, this made their relationship even stronger and unique. Their story went viral on Facebook after PHS posted a video of them on June 28. It has now reached about half a million views and a lot of positive comments just keep on coming.

It is so impressive how Walter would wait for Julia to finish her homework so he could play with her after. Inside Edition also featured Julia and Walter's friendship and how the latter has helped her growing up with her current hearing condition. Julia's mother shared how Walter is special to their family that they felt he was meant to be part of them since the first day that they met him. Julia's mom realized how the two have defined love in a unique way that no spoken words could explain.

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