'Sherlock Season 4' Release Date, News & Update: Benedict Cumberbatch Sidekick Replaces Third Holmes Brother? Moriarty Presence Confirmed By Bloodhound Shark Symbols?

By Steven Palin, Parent Herald July 18, 12:00 am

"Sherlock" Season 4 replaces the third Holmes brother (believed to be Tom Hiddleston) with a new sidekick for Benedict Cumberbatch. The third Holmes brother replacement may actually confirm that Professor James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) will give Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (as John Watson) a rough ride in "Sherlock" Season 4.

The third Holmes brother, with Tom Hiddleston attached, had been a strong buzz for "Sherlock" Season 4. Although neither "Sherlock" producer Steven Moffat nor Tom Hiddleston officially confirmed the third Holmes brother, S4 fans remain on high alert.

Recent photos of "Sherlock" Season 4 revealed the new cast member, which neither the third Holmes brother not Tom Hiddleston. Instead, Benedict Cumberbatch receives support from a bloodhound in "Sherlock" Season 4 while Martin Freeman prepares John Watson for fatherhood.

Sunday Express reports that Benedict Cumberbatch and Holmes' new bloodhound sidekick along with Martin Freeman as John Watson are hard at work for "Sherlock" Season 4. Interestingly, Holmes' bloodhound may be one more confirmation that Professor James Moriarty is on board for "Sherlock" Season 4.


Parent Herald reports that "Sherlock" Season 4 Episode 1 director Rachel Talalay teased a Bloodhound and Shark theme in S4, which points to Holmes and Professor James Moriarty crossing paths again. In the "Sherlock" canon by Arthur Conan Doyle, James Moriarty was nicknamed "Shark," while Holmes is both the bloodhound on the scent of answers and the genius detective who worked with canines.

Although the third Holmes brother and Tom Hiddleston received more anticipation than Professor James Moriarty returning for "Sherlock" Season 4, fans are now wary that the tragedy Mark Gatiss promised comes from the onscreen archenemy for Benedict Cumberbatch. To be sure, although Toby Jones poses a massive threat as Culverton Smith to Holmes and Watson in "Sherlock" Season 4, that Moriarty flag on St Catherine's Island is not mere accessory.

"Sherlock" Season 4 premiere on BBC is anticipated for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on January 2017. Who would you choose between the third Holmes brother (Tom Hiddleston) and Professor James Moriarty to join Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in "Sherlock" Season 4?

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