'Born This Way' News: Documentary TV Series for Individual with Down Syndrome is Back For Its Second Season

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald July 27, 07:23 am

An MTV series made its way into the headlines as it featured a different side of television. "Born This Way," is a reality TV series which features the entire cast diagnosed with Down syndrome.

"Born This Way," is similar to "The Real World," which is an MTV reality TV series which features several real-life challenges including HIV positive individuals and they struggle that they would have to go through. "The Real World," has been running for 30 years, which was started by the makers, Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim.

"The Real World" creator Jonathan Murray stated that he and the rest of the team had a few bumps as they filmed the entire series as the cast who were diagnosed with Down syndrome. Despite the challenges they faced while they were filming, it was mentioned that they managed to pull it off according to NPR.

"It was challenging to cast this show," Murray stated. "Sometimes our cast members - it takes them a little struggle to get their thoughts out. I always felt that we grew up in our own little-segmented world.

"Born This Way," is one way of proving that individuals with Down syndrome are still capable of living their lives in a way like normal people do. Jonathan Murray may not have any connection with a Down syndrome foundation, but "Born This Way," is his way of presenting "underrepresented communities," on television.

"I actually cried from happiness," Rachel Osterbach is the 33-year-old who is one of the cast told NPR. "Because I always wanted to be on TV. Because I wanted to be like the regular people on TV."

"Born This Way," returns to A&E for its second season, Broadway World reports. The award-winning documentary series managed to capture the hearts of its viewers as it showcases the individual with Down syndrome's diversity on screen.

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