'GTA 6' Release Date, News & Update: Rockstar Game In 'Murder Capital?'

By Steven Palin, Parent Herald August 01, 07:30 am

"GTA 6" will offer the best map for the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise since Rockstar came out with Blaine County and Los Alamos. Although milled female lead Eva Mendes and male counterpart Ryan Gosling were continually placed in a London "GTA 6" map, the Murder Capital in Jacksonville, Florida is now creating buzz for the next "Grand Theft Auto" iteration.

Reports indicate that fan clamor for Rockstar to give the "GTA 6" map a London overhaul is among the most popular in the "Grand Theft Auto" wishlist. However, Rockstar still has several states and cities inside the US to explore for a "GTA 6" map.

 Will Rockstar, however, take a break from the US with the "GTA 6" map taking the new "Grand Theft Auto" to London or Rio de Janeiro as Parent Herald reports? Or will the "GTA 6" map remain Stateside?

If the "GTA 6" map does stay inside the US borders, GTA 5 Cheats provides a thorough assessment for Jacksonville, Florida, which shares the nickname "Murder Capital" with Miami. According to the media outlet, as the "Murder Capital" of the US, Jacksonville, Florida will not want for crime elements to suit "GTA 6."

The downside to a Jacksonville "GTA 6" map is the lack of popular landmarks to pepper the routes. Nonetheless, this may be an acceptable trade off for everything else that Jacksonville can bring to the table as a "GTA 6" map.

Admittedly GTA 5 Cheats analyzed rank Jacksonville, Florida slightly lower than San Diego and Honolulu as a "GTA 6" map. However, "Grand Theft Auto" writers would still have strong points on geography and crime culture to work with in the "Murder Capital" for a "GTA 6" map.

Outside the US borders, London is still pretty hard to beat as a "GTA 6" map candidate. But a Murder Capital offering as a "GTA 6" map in the projected 2020 "Grand Theft Auto" release by Rockstar is nothing to sniff about.

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