‘Scandal’ Season 6 Spoilers, Latest News & Updates: Upcoming Season To Kill Off Major Character? Fitz, Olivia’s Reunion Impossible?

Fans are definitely getting more excited for the upcoming premiere of "Scandal" season 6. As a matter of fact, latest spoiler reports are already teasing some mind-blowing storylines for the upcoming TV comeback of the hit ABC political series in 2017.

Just like those cliffhanging season finale of other TV series, the previous season of "Scandal" has piqued the curiosity of many fans on what to expect in season 6. What's more interesting to know is what's behind Olivia Pope's dad Rowan's (Joe Morton) impish smirk during "Scandal" season 5 finale.

Based on the latest "Scandal" season 6 spoiler reports, President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) will officially retire from his position as the head of state of the United States. That's why, Ecumenical News hinted that Fitz will finally have all the time in the world to "pursue his own happiness" by making the best efforts to win back Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).

"He'll be much happier as the post-president than as the president," Goldwyn told The Hollywood Reporter in April. "He'd want to do something like Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton did with the Clinton Global Initiative and use his leverage and influence to make a real difference in the world without all the politics. You really hope it includes Olivia Pope and a little jam."

Aside from the possible Fitz-Liv reunion in "Scandal" season 6, CarterMatt also suggested that the series might do some "big, bold and impactful things" to make headlines. Interestingly, CarterMatt predicted the possibility that creator Shonda Rhimes might kill off some characters.

On the site's "TV Death Toll" series, the writer listed several "Scandal" season 6 characters along with a short explanation why they were on the safe side or in danger to be killed in the upcoming season. Among the possible targets named were Rowan, David and Mellie.

Meanwhile, "Scandal" season 6 air date has been moved from its typical schedule of September to early 2017, which will reportedly fall sometime in February due to Washington's pregnancy, Design & Trend noted. However, Zap2It speculated that the delay might be due to the upcoming 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

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