'iZombie' Season 3 Spoilers & News: Who Is Liv's New Boyfriend? What About Her Relationship With Ex-BF Major?

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald August 16, 12:53 am

"iZombie" Season 3 is going to bring in a new boyfriend for Liv Moore and producers have promised that this time, this love interest won't die. But what will this mean for Liv's relationship with her ex-fiancé Major? What will happen to Liv in the romance department in the upcoming season?

"iZombie" creator Rob Thomas revealed some details to Liv's (Rose McIver) new romance in a recent interview, as Parent Herald previously reported. He indicated that Liv will have a new guy for "iZombie" Season 3 and he won't die or become the undead, unlike Liv's previous boyfriends.

However, the producer teased that the relationship might not also end well for Liv. Casting for the character's new boyfriend has not yet been officially announced even as filming for "iZombie" Season 3 has started.

Back in the first season of "iZombie," Liv became involved with Lowell Tracey after turning. He's an undead just like her and they had the perfect chemistry together. However, Lowell was killed by Blaine (David Anders), which set off Liv's animosity towards the latter character.

Liv also got involved with another zombie, Drake Holloway, in "iZombie" Season 2. But when she discovered how he has turned for the worst, she had no recourse but to kill him to save herself, per Vulture.

Liv also got back together with Major (Robert Buckley) after she told him about her real identity. They have a history together as he's the man she was supposed to marry before becoming a zombie. But the two eventually agreed to break up when they couldn't make the relationship work as Liv isn't the person she once was, as TV Line recapped.

However, Major is certain that a zombie cure will bring hope someday, which means all love isn't lost just yet. Will they get back together for good sometime in the future of "iZombie"?

Speaking with the press at the recent Comic Con via the video below, actress Rose McIver revealed that she hopes Liv and Major "won't rush into anything and burn out again." They are good friends despite the ups and downs of their relationship, but whether that translates to romance again isn't the idea for "iZombie" Season 3 just yet.

"They're dealing with a zombie underworld," McIver stressed. "There are stuff at play that needs to be addressed," she added. Thus, fans shipping Liv-Major might have to wait longer for the pair to realize they should be together.

In the meantime, "iZombie" Season 3 returns for 13 episodes during The CW's midseason slate in early 2017. The show's earlier seasons are already streaming on Netflix.

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