6 Breastfeeding Tips to Get Your Newborn to Latch

By staff writer , Parent Herald April 29, 08:00 am

Breastfeeding is usually challenging for both first time and seasoned moms. It takes multiple trial and errors before you successfully get your newborn to latch for feeding. Worry no more, as getting your newborn to latch is easier than you may think.

These tips are the keys to making breastfeeding a breeze for both you and your beloved little one.

1.   Position Yourself in a Laid Back Manner

As Yahoo! Parenting suggested, bringing your infant to you does its share in making breastfeeding comfortable. Comfortable breastfeeding maximizes successful latching on your newborn's end. Additionally, a comfortable breastfeeding position relieves back and muscle aches and pains from your end.

       2. Motivate Your Baby to Suck On the Milk in a Wide Position

Simply sucking on a specific part of the nipple does not facilitate successful latching. Sucking on a part of a nipple sometimes brings about pain on the mother as well. For pain-free and successful breastfeeding and latching, guide your newborn to suck on your nipple in entirety and most parts of your areola.

        3. Supervise Closely to Ensure Effective Breastfeeding Latch

Getting your baby to latch well is the key to giving him/her proper nourishment. A sign that your infant is getting a good latch is mild tenderness only felt on the breast. Extreme pain on the breast should alert you of something terribly wrong going on.

          4. Get the Support of a Breastfeeding Pillow

A breastfeeding pillow enhances comfortableness in latching over time. This pillow is available in stores, both online and onsite retail centers, at affordable prices.

          5. Attend Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding classes come in handy for both first time and seasoned moms. Over time, seasoned moms may overlook effective latching during feeding. As Parents.com suggested, knowledgeable specialists in these classes give all moms hands-on training for effective latching.

          6. Relaxed Moms for Easy Latching

Keep in mind that the more tensed you are, the more your baby feels your anxiety. Dr. Sears suggest you relax while you nurse your baby. Once you do so, your baby latches on easily as he/she starts to relax as well.

Do your share in providing nourished food and nutrition to your child in the early years of life. Breastfeeding does not serve its purpose in the absence of successful latching. With determination, successfully latching your baby's feedings during nursing is just within easy reach all the time. 

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