‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Reveals How She Handles Imperfect Post-Divorce Co-Parenting

By Samantha Finch, Parent Herald August 30, 06:30 am

Mayim Bialik has been divorced from ex-husband Michael Stone since 2013. The actress and neuroscientist admitted that post-divorce co-parenting isn't a walk in the park, but she managed to power through it and even offered some advice to other parents who are also in the same situation.

Bialik talked about post-divorce co-parenting on her YouTube Channel on August 18, starting the clip by saying how it's different from the previous videos she made. Bialik chose not to discuss her post-divorce life so as not to violate the privacy of her former husband and their two young sons, Miles and Fred.

"The Big Bang Theory" star decided to talk about post-divorce co-parenting because she thinks "it might help" others like her or "educate" people about the things families deal with after the process of divorce. To do this, Bialik said she and Stone still spend time together with their sons to give them the healthiest possible atmosphere despite the divorce.

This includes spending holidays together, attending synagogue together, and other activities that bring their family in the same place. The 40-year-old actress said this setup isn't always perfect, but they "all end up being together, and that's literally what's most important."

Divorce may be the end of a nuclear family or those living under the same roof, but for Bialik, separating with her husband doesn't mean cutting herself off from Stone's family. She revealed that she still talks to Stone's mother, father, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. She believes that this closer system will help "strengthen" their kids' lives.

Bialik and Stone also make sure that they don't trash talk about each other when they are spending time with their children separately. The former couple, who has joint custody of the two boys, tries to have a positive conversation when they discuss one another despite the issues their marriage faced.

Bialik and Stone married in 2003 before splitting up in November 2012, a time when the actress described divorce on her blog as "terribly sad, painful and incomprehensible for children" and a decision that shouldn't be taken by couples lightly. In August 2013, Bialik said that their sons had to adjust after the divorce, but they have been doing well since then, The Huffington Post reported.

Bialik praised how Stone "courageously" assumed his full-time father role as she was busy juggling her career, adding that he is a "wonderful" parenting teammate. Bialik also advised her YouTube followers to not dwell on the past and to always focus on the present so happiness can develop.

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