Period Pain Heavily Affects Women Employees’ Work Performance: Should Monthly Menstrual Leaves Be Granted?

By Olivia Reese, Parent Herald September 26, 02:42 am

Quite a number of women employees have been suffering from painful periods while at work, leading to instances that heavily affect their job performance. Is it time for employers to grant monthly menstrual leaves to female workers?

Dr. Gedis Grudzinskas, a consultant gynecologist based in London, United Kingdom, said women employees should be open about their period pain more while on the job, BBC reported. Employers, in turn, should be understanding and emphatic about the situation as well.

A survey from YouGov, a market research company headquartered in London, found that 52 percent of women had period pain that affected their work. However, only 27 percent of them informed their boss that their painful menstrual period was to be blamed for their inability to work. Out of the 52 percent, almost a third of the women filed at least a day's sick leave due to their period pain.

Grudzinskas said that menstruation is normal, but there are women who "suffer terribly and they suffer in silence," BBC further reported. Grudzinskas added that females shouldn't be shy about their period pain, while companies "should be accommodating with leave for women who are struggling with painful periods."

Period pain is painful muscle cramps felt in the abdomen and can spread to the back and thighs, according to the National Health Service. It occurs when the womb's muscular wall tightens or contracts, resulting to the blood vessels lining your womb to compress. During that compression, the blood and oxygen supplies to the womb get cut off, pushing the tissues in the womb to discharge chemicals that then trigger pain.

Period pain is felt in intense spasms, but can be dull and more persistent in some cases. Period pain also varies; some periods cause little or no discomfort, while others tend to be the more painful type that causes women's inability to function. Women with period pain can also have nausea, diarrhea, and headaches.

Grudzinskas said that people often forget that half of the workforce is composed of females. A happy, comfortable, and productive workforce can be partly attributed to women feeling supported by their employers.

There are natural remedies to cure period pain. One of those is chamomile tea, which alleviates menstrual cramps and soothes women's mood discomfort. Ginger is also beneficial, so it's best to combine these two ingredients together, according to the Huffington Post.

Eating vegetables rich in magnesium and chlorophyll such as spinach and chard is helpful as well, especially during the week leading up to your period. Dark chocolates can also help, while junk food and sugary drinks and treats should be avoided.

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