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British Parenting versus American Parenting

Family Life  19 November '16

British Vs. American Parenting: Why The Brits' Child-Raising Approach Works

British parenting differ from American parenting and the British seems to have found the almost perfect combination to successful parenting.

Brooklyn's 'Industry City' Showcases Local Manufactures

Body  26 September '16

Period Pain Heavily Affects Women Employees’ Work Performance: Should Monthly Menstrual Leaves Be Granted?

A great deal of women employees have been experiencing period pain while at work, and this leads to instances heavily affecting their job performance. Hence, a gynecologist said that employers should be more accommodating to its women workforce and grant monthly menstrual leaves.

Vigil To Remember Teenage Cancer Fundraiser Stephen Sutton

Health  8 September '16

Toddlers’ Healthy Development Associated With Perfectly Balanced & Nutrition-Rich Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are an important staple for young children's diet because they contain a variety of minerals and vitamins such as vitamins B2 and B12 as well as calcium. These nutrients are good for building healthy teeth and bones. They are also good sources of energy and protein.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health  3 August '16

Toddler's 'Worst Case Of Chickenpox' Prompts Call For Free Vaccination

A parent is calling for a change in the immunization policy for chicken pox.

Premiere Of New Line Cinema's 'Lights Out' - Arrivals

News  22 July '16

Teresa Palmer’s Fertility Journey: How ‘Lights Out’ Star’s Second Pregnancy Turned Into A Cancer Nightmare

Teresa Palmer and her husband were overwhelmed with excitement when they realized that they successfully conceived a second child. Their happiness, however, was cut short when doctors told them that Palmer wasn't carrying a baby, but a molar pregnancy that could become cancer.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

School  14 July '16

LGBT Children: Rising Number Of Transgender Students Pressure UK Schools To Create Gender Neutral Environment & Curricula

Social media is one of the reasons why more children are wishing to change their gender identity. Children and young people are more confident to discuss gender identity issues, with transgender figures in the entertainment industry contributing to the increase as well.

Exotic Produce Is Displayed At The World Fruit And Vegetable Show

Body  12 July '16

Pomegranates Can Combat Aging & Boost Muscle Strength? Switzerland Research Team Unlocks Fruit’s Health Potentials

Pomegranates' anti-aging abilities can be unlocked by a certain type of gut bacteria in your body. If you don't have the right combination of gut bacteria, chances are you won't enjoy the fruit's anti-aging capabilities.

Vitamin Sales Go Up As Consumers Struggle With Cost Of Health Care

Health  8 July '16

The Benefits and Dangers of Multivitamins & Supplements For Pregnant Women

It's better to consume vitamins through the natural way -- eating healthy foods. If you are the type of person who consumes healthy foods often, chances are you don't need multivitamins and supplements anymore.

US Population Nears 300 Million Mark

Health  31 May '16

It's Safe For Pregnant Women To Run And Exercise Regularly

Experts said pregnant women who are physically active have healthier babies and easier deliveries. They also have higher chances of delivering vaginally instead of C-sections.

New York City To Regulate Salt Content In Restaurant Food

Health/Nutrition  23 May '16

Low-Salt Diet May Be Harmful To Your Heart, New Study Finds

People who love an extra salt on their food may just be fascinated to discover that a recent study found that low-salt consumption could lead to heart problems.

Florida Struggles With Legal Herbal Supplement Which Mirrors Opiate Narcotic Effects

Medicine  11 May '16

Over-The-Counter Medicines Don't Really Work, Expert Says: 3 Surprising Treatments That Are Ineffective

People often believe that self-medication and prescribed medicines from the doctors are effective. However, the experts revealed that not everything from the pharmacy can heal the patietns.

'Hizamakura', Or Lap Pillow Introduced In Japan

Body  4 May '16

4 Effective Insomnia Cure: Ditch Pills & Harmful Side Effects With Cherries, Cheese & More

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, which may be caused by various physical, mental and lifestyle factors. Effective insomnia cure protects the individual from harmful side effects.

Iraqi Children Circumcised in Baghdad

Dads  19 April '16

Does Penis Circumcision Lessen Men's Sexual Pleasure?

A circumcised penis does not necessarily decrease men's pleasure in sex. A Canadian study found that penile sensitivity does not depend on the procedure.

Accident And Emergency Figures Show Worst Performance In 10 Years

Health/Nutrition  20 March '16

Parents of Sporty 5-Year-Old Furious with Results That Daughter is Overweight

A "too fat" diagnosis from the NHS angered the parents of a 5-year-old girl whom they described as sporty and slim.

babies' organs

Pregnancy  8 March '16

NHS Sparks Controversy Over Its Plan To Harvest Organs Of Babies With Fatal Defects

Mothers who will learn that their babies will be born with birth defects will be given an anguishing option if the NHS pushes its plan.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy  2 March '16

Birth Budgets For Pregnant Women in England Ignite Debates

English women have opposing views on the £3,000 budget that will allow them to commission the birth they want.

Tooth Decay

Toddler  27 February '16

Rotten Teeth Extractions In English Children Surge By An Alarming Rate

The number of children having their decayed teeth removed by England's hospitals has increased by an "unacceptable" rate for the fourth year in a row.

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