British Vs. American Parenting: Why The Brits' Child-Raising Approach Works

There's an urban legend of how British Parenting could be so stiff that parents have to see their children's legs fall off first before allowing them to skip school and stay at home. British parenting is usually characterized with that stiff British upper lip that it is no longer surprising to see parents leave their children on their own to settle things among themselves rather than meddle with the brood.

Stuff said Britain is a tough nation that has inherited its British parenting style from the likes of Queen Victoria. This type of parenting is known for its steely and almost-perfect character. British moms are pretty tough themselves, having undergone a difficult pregnancy and delivery yet strong enough to go home a few hours after giving birth.

To be able to understand British parenting, it is important to know the differences between them and their American counterparts. Babble said while Americans celebrate pregnancies with baby showers, this is considered as a possible jinx to a British pregnancy.

British moms, however, are more favored because of the United Kingdom's National Health Service, which provides free maternity from care to delivery. They also get visited by a midwife during the first ten days of giving birth and get as many as 39 weeks maternity leave with pay.

BBC America said Americans and parents all over the world could learn a thing or two from British parenting as it has found an almost fool-proof formula for successful child-raising. Although American parenting tends to be on the extreme side, British parenting generally takes the middle ground.

British people are also more tolerant when it comes to swearing as they do not take it against their kids nor the parents. There are advantages and disadvantages to different parenting styles and while British parenting is not perfect, it would be wise to get some tips from this child-rearing approach.

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