Climate Change Education: Schools Should Double Effort So Kids Can Prepare For Climate Change Effects

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald September 29, 12:20 am

There seems to be a lack of focus and effort in schools in providing substantial climate change education to students. At best, educators only spend about two hours in one school year to discuss climate change. It begs the question regarding preparedness. How will children be able to cope with the effects of climate change if they have little knowledge about it?

A study published in Science Magazine revealed that teachers are hampered to discuss climate change to students for many varied reasons. Apart from lack of knowledge on Climate Science, some educators are apparently influenced by politics. "Teachers might experience overt pressure from parents, community leaders, or school administrators not to teach climate change," as stated in the study.

It is no secret that there are still plenty of climate change deniers from the public. Thus, talking about climate change could also involve addressing values and beliefs, which might not be something teachers -- particularly in middle school -- are willing to tread. But even Pope Francis supports that climate change is "a global problem with grave implications" in a statement published via the Vatican. It doesn't just affect the weather as it also encompasses social and economic effects that everyone will have to learn to cope with.

To address the growing problem that is climate change, experts believe that awareness should begin in schools. Recently in the United States, the House and Senate have established the Climate Change Education Act, which has been signed on June 2016. Its objective is to steer the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to come up with an education program that will help both teachers and students.

It also aims to provide grants that communities will need for research and projects. Schools in America must take the opportunities provided in this legislation so that climate change education among children will bear good results before it's too late. Learn about the full details of this bill via the Senate.

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