‘Sister Wives’ Spinoff In The Works: TLC Cancels Show After Season 8?

"Sister Wives" Season 8 is believed to be on the verge of being cancelled on TLC, as Kody Brown's wives are allegedly threatening to leave the reality series. While the reason behind this is due to Kody's plan to add two new wives to his list, a recent report suggests that a spinoff series focusing on the wives alone may be in the works.

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

A "Sister Wives" spinoff may be in the works on TLC, as rumors of the show's cancellation after Season 7 are heating up online. Cancellation rumors began after a report claimed that Kody Brown was attempting to look for two new wives to add to his list.

Kody's official wife, Robyn Brown, has allegedly had enough of Kody and is threatening to leave "Sister Wives" Season 8. Kody's two other wives are also planning to do the same, which means that the TLC reality series will be without its cast members.

Many fans expressed their thoughts on the rumored "Sister Wives" Season 8cancellation. Fans said that the show was only interesting because of the wives and not because of Kody Brown.

As In Touch notes in its earlier report, an insider shared that the Brown family has been facing a lot of issues. TLC is reportedly planning to pull the plug after the seventh season of "Sister Wives."

"Sister Wives" has been quite a controversial series on TLC because of the Brown family's setup. Kody is legally married to one woman, but he keeps three more with him and they are pushing to get this polygamous setup legalized, reports World Religion News.

According to the publication, Kody and his wives are fighting to legalize polygamy in Utah. The family's lawyer stated that they were investigated shortly after "Sister Wives" aired on TV, which is why they are appealing to the court to decriminalize polygamy within the state.

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