Kate Middleton, Prince William Parenting Style: How The Royal Couple Handles Sibling Rivalry Between Toddlers Prince George & Princess Charlotte

As most parents will attest, it's not easy raising two children with ages close to each other. Sibling rivalry normally becomes more apparent, which can be chaotic when the kids are in the toddler phase. This is where Kate Middleton and Prince William are with 3-year-old Prince George and 16-month-old Princess Charlotte.

The royals' parenting style became the highlight of the Cambriges' trip to Canada in the recent week. So, how did Kate Middleton and Prince William handle their toddlers together?

The Cambridges' visit to Canada is the first public outing for toddler siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. During a kid's party hosted by Canada's military families at Government House, the young prince and princess were seen laughing and having a great time amid a flurry of bubbles, balloons and farm animals, CBC reports.

At one point, Prince William was seen spending more time and focus with eldest child Prince George, while mom Kate Middleton and the party guests were doting on a gleeful Princess Charlotte. The Daily Mail notes how Prince William gave the 3-year-old boy his undivided attention that seemed to have squashed a potential tantrum caused by all the attention given to his sister.

Sources close to the couple said that Prince George has been exhibiting typical sibling jealousy behavior being the first child. As a toddler, the Cambridges have also been vocal about their first-born's naughtiness before, per E! Online.

During the same Canada trip, Kate Middleton was also photographed showing how she squats down to talk to her son at eye level. She was seemingly giving him a stern but loving reminder about behaving his best in public. The photo has since gone viral on social media.

Prince William is also a fan of the same "squatting down" technique in dealing with his toddlers. As Parent Herald previously reported, the experts call this active listening, which makes communication with little children a lot more effective, personal and reassuring. It tells the child that the parent is giving him or her importance.

The Cambridges, with their busy lives and different royal engagements, seem to have learned how to juggle parenting their toddlers expertly based on this recent outings. What can you say about the royal couple and their handle on their kids? Let us know in the comments!

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