Helicopter Parenting [LATEST NEWS]: Is Overparenting Really A Bad Idea? Recent Survey Reveals Texting Helicopter Parents Could Spell A Child’s Death

By KJ Williams, Parent Herald October 06, 01:54 pm

The child-raising concept of helicopter parenting or overparenting has long been a subject of debate among parents and parenting experts. As a matter of fact, several parenting specialists warned parents about this controversial and child-raising approach, saying overparenting could lead to several unintentional and negative impacts on a child's wellbeing and development.

So, is helicopter parenting really a bad child-raising idea? The answer is yes and for the reason that overparenting could spell a child's death. According to TreeHugger, Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students against Destructive Decisions have conducted a survey and discovered that helicopter parents could be the culprit of a child's death through a vehicular accident.

The reason? Well, let's just say that many helicopter parents are by sending text messages to their kids, who are driving, and expect a reply as soon as possible. But what was really appalling about the findings are the statistical records indicating that 29 percent of texting helicopter parents demand to get a reply before their children reach their destination.

In addition, a previous survey also highlighted some dangerous findings as some helicopter parents demand to get a reply within a minute while 25 percent expect it within five minutes. These statements are a bit contradictory to the parental claims that 87 percent of parents stressed they impose texting and driving rules, Washington Post revealed.

Aside from the fact that helicopter parenting could lead to a child's premature demise, it also has long-term risks. Even though the intention of parents to hover their children is understandable and having a close relationship with their children can be advantageous, it has also several harmful consequences, as per Deseret News Family.

University of California sociology associate professor and "Parenting to a Degree" author Laura Hamilton revealed one of the negative consequences of helicopter parenting is children are "slow to adapt to adulthood." Indiana University psychologist Chris Meno also added helicoptered children aren't good at problem-solving and often have low self-esteem.

Helicopter parenting can also undermine a child's "financial security, draining emotional and psychological reserves." As previously reported, helicopter parenting could also have drastic influences on a child's college education by hampering the development of resilience and independence among children.

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