North Carolina Suffers The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew: Floods And Death Toll Continue To Rise

Hurricane Matthew left North Carolina in an immensely devastated state. It has died down to a post-tropical cyclone, but it left severe damage to the area. The people have to deal with the severe flooding and increasing death toll that the hurricane caused.

Matthew has already claimed the lives of 8 people in North Carolina, according to Fox News. All over United States, it has killed 19 people and the death toll is still expected to increase.

The flash floods that Hurricane Matthew brought in North Carolina are truly terrifying. The height of the flood reached dangerous levels and people were not prepared for it. Many of them needed to be rescued.

The number of people that had to rescued has reached to 887 people. The rivers and creeks are still overflowing and the floods are predicted to last for a week.

According to The Weather News Channel, the continuous flooding brought about by Hurricane Matthew worries the North Carolina officials because the dam located in Fayetteville might break and fail. For this reason, the officials ordered some of the residents to evacuate.

Also, the dam in Moore County is also being observed because it is also at a high risk of failing. People near the dam were also asked to evacuate.

If any dam in North Carolina fails, it would further increase the height of the floods that the people are already struggling to deal with. The officials are definitely on their toes.

Aside from causing to increase death toll, Hurricane Matthew is also to blame for the residences and commercial properties that were destroyed in North Carolina. Several businesses were also damaged and unable to continue their operations.

North Carolina is also faced with road problems because of the several trees that have fallen due to Hurricane Matthew. Moreover, the power lines are also down. Because of such devastated state, officials advise the people to stay home until things get better.

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