Doctor Strange Spoilers, News & Update: Amazing Post-Credit Scenes Explained

By Andrew Rutherford, Parent Herald October 19, 05:34 am

Doctor Strange is just a few weeks away and the post-credi scenes from the movie has just been released. A few trailers are available now and fans find it amazing. Spoiler Alert: The following article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange 2016 movie.

Doctor Strange Mid-Credits Scene

Cinema Blend revealed a firsthand scoop of what's really going to happen to our favorite superhero. It all begins with Thor, the God of Thunder, after Doctor Strange sought his help in his mission to free the earth of unexplainable threats.

Doctor Strange then meets Thor at the Sanctum Sanctorum to learn more about Loki - only to find out that he, too, needs help in finding Odin. Doctor Strange decides to help Thor, given that the brothers (Odin, Loki and Thor) would depart from Earth and stay away for good. This, obviously, is in preparation for Thor: Ragnarok.

In Thor: The Dark World, Loki took over the Asgardian throne by faking his death and impersonating Odin. Thor, however, knows that Odin is still out there. He also needs the help of his brother to find their father, but it still remains a mystery whether he also needs the help of Odin to defeat the dark forces in Thor: Ragnarok. Also, during the shooting of Thor: Ragnarok in August, we saw Chris Hemsworth with a business card with Sanctum Sanctorum's address on it. So is it safe to say that we have seen the first of (hopefully) many connections between the Thor and Doctor Strange worlds?

Doctor Strange Post-Credits Scene

Games Radar revealed a massive post-credit scene spoilers for Doctor Strange movie. Early into the film, it has been established that the character of Benjamin Bratt has the same power Strange uses to cure his paralysis. Baron Mordo, who we thought was the good guy, appears in the scene and kills and steals the powers of Bratt's character. He claims that "There are too many sorcerers." We suspect that Mordo was enraged by The Ancient One's decision to name Stephen Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.

So, is there a chance to see more of Mordo and his wrongdoings? Well, that's only going to happen if Strange does good and lands a sequel. Doctor Strange hits movie theaters on November 4.

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