This Robo-Cradle Will Knock Your Socks Off In Putting Your Baby To Sleep; Specs And Price

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald October 19, 09:40 am

Technology has come a long way that parents would no longer have a hard time putting their baby to sleep. This new cradle that automatically does it is called the Snoo Robo-cradle. Harvey Karp is the man behind this invention and it has been impressing lots of parents since it became a buzz in both the parenting and tech world on October 18.

In an article published by Wired, Karp has introduced a new method to put babies to sleep the modern way. This is going to be favorable for parents who are way too busy with work. Karp noticed that cribs these days didn't really improve since the first day it was invented. If you come to think of it, baby cribs are nothing but a small box to put your baby in it.

As a pediatrician, Harvey Karp knows exactly the dilemma of what parents go through when dealing with their babies and their sleeping habits. It has been almost 3,000 years according to Karp that baby cribs have always looked the same.

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According to Engadget, Karp wanted to change that by teaming up with engineers from MIT along with Yves Behar, a very talented furniture designer. With his team of genius minds, he was able to come up with the world's very first smart cradle/crib. Eventually, they preferred to call it the Snoo Robo-cradle.

The price of this smart crib doesn't come cheap because it is worth $1,150. But for parents who are always on the run because of their job, the price won't even matter because it would be worth it. This crib would rock their baby to sleep without them having to do it. Another great feature of this smart sleeper is that it emulates the sounds that babies hear inside the womb. It also with a blanket that protects the baby from rolling towards a precarious position.

Are you willing to purchase this smart sleeper for your baby? Share us what you think about this new technology in the comments box found after the video.

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