This Baby Carrier Works As A Cradle And Rocker; Feature And Price

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald October 21, 08:40 pm

Parents would do anything to make their lives easier and more comfortable when it comes to handling their baby. One genius way to do it is to use a baby carrier. This baby carrier that is making rounds on the Internet on October 20 is called the Suki.

If you want to be able to run errands and go outside to not just be a complete hermit with your baby inside the house, a baby carrier is a must. But what if it is also a cradle that could make your baby go to sleep? Now, that would even make the word comfortable an understatement.

In an article published by Treehugger, this baby carrier is more than just an ordinary material that would help you carry your baby because it is multi-functional. This one was designed by Daniela Gardeweg who is based from Munich, Germany. Not only can parents carry their baby with this material, but it could also put their child to sleep, as it has a cradle-rocker feature.

Certified Green Society also featured the Suki on their page and it would be interesting to add that the name of this product came from the Lakota word, which means to be loved by someone. Cradleboards created by Native Americans was the original inspiration behind the Suki. Those things could work as a cradle that could easily put the baby to sleep. The only difference that cradleboards have with the Suki is that it could be carried anywhere parents want to, as it could be worn as a baby carrier.

As of the moment, it is still a prototype and the price has not been set by its maker. It is also foldable that it could fit any compartment when not in use. Do you plan on buying it for your baby as soon as it becomes available in the market? Share your opinion in the box below.

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