Parenting Tips: How To Handle Toddlers The Easy Way

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald October 23, 06:07 am

Toddlers are not that easy to handle because this is the age of a child when parents would really feel the pain of being one. The constant tantrums and stubbornness could easily pluck your last nerve as a parent. But don't worry because there are methods on how you should handle your toddler, as soon as your child reaches this stage.

It is usually from zero to 3 years old that a child is considered a toddler according to These are the years that parents would experience how difficult it is for them to raise their child because they are normally hyperactive and just stubborn. Most of the time, parents are experiencing a hard time dealing with toddlers because they project the wrong expectations they have for their child.

Ideally, it is never a good idea that parents assume that their toddler should behave like a mature adult. It is perfectly normal for them to roam around incessantly and even pull off tantrums sometimes that could really drive you mad. If a toddler is just quiet, well-behaved and isn't that active, that is actually something parents should be concerned about. Those behaviors just mentioned are not normal for kids who are zero to 3 years old.

Now, the question is how are you suppose to handle your toddler when they are on one. Mayo Clinic have some tips to help parents cope with this issue and the number one lesson you should know is to show your toddlers genuine love. The affection that parents show their child is more effective than giving out punishments. Other parents may fear that their child might grow up spoiled or undisciplined if they don't incorporate punishments. There may be some truth to their belief but it doesn't necessarily apply to toddlers.

As parents, you have got to accept the reality that your child has to go through this difficult stage for you and the good news is that you don't have to put up with it for a long time. Because your toddler will grow up, which would eventually give you the time to apply such disciplinary actions.

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