Parenting Team: How To Deal With The Challenges Of Having A Partner In Parenting

Living with another person who was raised differently poses much challenges already but wait until they become parents. Even the most compatible couple has had to surmount mountains when faced with the challenge of having a partner in parenting. The task becomes so complicated that it has proven to be a big challenge for most marriages.

Even though parenting can be a challenge, it also provides some opportunities, according to The Telegraph. The term "opposites attract" has never been more significant than in the issue of parenting where couples have to contend with their different child-raising approaches. There are many issues that could be a possible source of conflict in parenting such as independence, discipline, finances and even the most minor ones, such as dressing up or down.

In some cases, the children take advantage of the conflict between parents that they pit one parent against the other to get what they want. Sometimes, the competition between parents has taken center stage, making them forget that the real issue is the welfare of their children. It is not easy to have a partner in parenting but nothing remains unsolved when there is proper communication.

Positive Parenting stresses the need for parents to establish good communications so they could agree on how to raise their children. Unfortunately, there is no training school where parents are taught about the basics of parenting even before they have children. Hence, it is up to the couple to find a middle ground and learn how to reconcile their individual parenting styles.

Author Samantha Rodman in PsychCentral hinted on the effects of bad-mouthing one parent to the child, whether or not it was done intentionally. Apparently, any parent should not recourse to this as it does nothing but ruin the parent-child relationship. Alienation can be done by painting a bad picture of the other parent or even limiting the time they spend together.

In the long run, it is important to have faith in one's partner when it comes to parenting. Give one's partner a chance to have his or her share in parenting. After all, both parents are responsible adults and unless a contrary behavior is exhibited, then each should have a say in how to raise a child.

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