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Helicopter Parenting Has Good Effects

Parenting  17 April '17

When Is Helicopter Parenting Actually Good For Children? Experts, Parents Weigh In

Some blame helicopter parenting for why kids don't grow up with a firm backbone but experts and parents believe there are some positive aspects to this, too.

Parenting Team: How To Deal With The Challenges Of Having A Partner In Parenting

Family Life  24 October '16

Parenting Team: How To Deal With The Challenges Of Having A Partner In Parenting

Having a partner in parenting can be very challenging for couples. The key to successful partner parenting is communication.

Arthur Ashe Kids' Day

Development  1 September '16

A Take on Positive Parenting: Balancing Power and Love To Change Stubborn Kids

Don’t know how to handle a stubborn child? Take the advice of Carolyn Hax’s reader on childrearing – it’s all about love and leadership.

Advice for Parents: Positive Parenting Style | Parents

Family ♥ Story  28 July '16

[VIDEO] Positive Parenting: Best Traits Of An Authoritative But Positive Parent & Why An Expert Says It Works!

Mutual respect is one of the values that positive parents try to bring out in their kids. Here are more ideas.

Solheim Cup Opening Ceremony

Teens/Young Adults  23 April '16

Positive Parenting: 3 Ways To Deal With Negative Thoughts

Learn how you can stay positive as a parent despite some setbacks in your life.

Laura Bush Hosts Annual White House Easter Egg Roll

Parenting  13 April '16

Terrible Twos Phase: Study Says Your Screaming Toddler Might Grow Up A Criminal

Kids don't naturally outgrow some of the bad behavior at this phase and it's up to the parents to instill discipline, said the experts.

Gay Pride Rally In Tel Aviv

International  13 April '16

Study Shows Parental Support Important For Kids Who Are Transitioning; Less Mental Health Distress In Children When They Grow Up

A study showed that parental support can go a long way with kids who are transitioning.

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