8 Positive Parenting Tips for Your Teens

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your teenager is challenging especially with all the hormonal changes that they are going through. Apart from that, they are also transitioning from being dependent on their parents to becoming an adult just like you. 

Parents might be confused as to when to keep your teen by your side and when to let go. Here are some tips on how to apply positive parenting to your teens. 

You are a parent and a friend

Teenagers want their parents to understand them and give them the independence that they want now that they are starting to know themselves and have their personalities. However, at the same time, they also want their parents to be their friends too wherein they could open up about stuff during adolescence. 

8 Positive Parenting Tips for Your Teens
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Show respect 

Respect your teenagers in a way that you want to be respected. Be there when they need an adult to depend on, but not so much that it chokes them. Give them the freedom to stand on their own feet but be there to guide them when they fall. They would appreciate you more and would gain their trust in you. 

Get to know your teenager

Check-in with your teenager every day. This way you become closer to them by knowing how they are feeling through open communication. You could also have some bonding time by doing something special with your teen like going out on dates with just you and him/her. 

8 Positive Parenting Tips for Your Teens
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Support your teenager

Teenagers who feel that they are supported by their parents would know when to seek help from them. When they know that parents support them in their dreams and passions, they are more inclined to get closer to their parents because they know that whatever happens, their parents would always by their side to help them get up when they fall. 

Have dinner together

This means that you eat with your teenager, without distractions like cellphones and gadgets, and make it a point to ask them about their day so that both of you can keep in touch with each other's lives. 

8 Positive Parenting Tips for Your Teens
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Family meetings are a must

Schedule family meetings regularly wherein you could share good and bad experiences, grievances, disagreements, or any topic that needs to be discussed. Let everyone talk but make sure to remove all distractions such as toys, screens, and gadgets. 

Encourage your teenager to take care of their health

To do this, you as a parent should also show them how you give care to yourself by sleeping at least 7 to 9 hours, eating healthily, exercising regularly, and avoiding too much screen time because it could also affect your sleep-wake cycle. 

8 Positive Parenting Tips for Your Teens
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Do not force them to be independent 

Each person has a timeline when it comes to their physical and emotional development. Do not leave your teenager into growing up on his own if he is not ready yet. It will only damage your relationship, making them think that you are pushing them away. Do not worry for time will surely come when he will be ready to go into adulthood. 

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