Fertility Vs. Sleep: How Sleeping Patterns Affect A Guy’s Fertility

By Irina Chris, Parent Herald October 25, 08:09 am

People, nowadays, are busy with life that sleep becomes a luxury. For couples who are trying to conceive a child, there is a study, which suggests that a man's sleeping habits may affect his fertility.

A study was conducted among 790 couples and researchers found that sleeping too little, less than 6 hours, or too much, more than 9 hours, per night can reduce the possibility of pregnancy, CBS News learned. It has been suggested that the ideal sleeping pattern is between 7-8 hours.

They learned that those men who slept less than 6 hours and more than 9 hours per night had a 42 percent less possibility of conceiving in any month. After the couples answered a questionnaire about sleep patterns, researchers found out that those men who had problems with sleeping almost more than half of the time were less likely to impregnate their partners compared to those who did not.

Professor Lauren Wise of Boston University School of Public Health said that it was most likely related to hormones. The epidemiology professor clarified though that the link was only found between fertility and sleep but it cannot provide proof for the cause and effect.

The study took into account men and women's ages, body mass index, frequency of intercourse and other factors affecting fertility. She added that poor sleep duration could be caused by unhealthy lifestyle, decrease in sex and low libido.

It has been reported that the study was welcomed by the Vice President of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Peter Schlegel. Meanwhile, Wise stated that this phenomenon still needs additional research.

There are a lot ways that can remedy issues with sleeping patterns. It has been recommended that if possible, one should stick to a sleeping schedule.

One can also promote good sleeping pattern by practicing a relaxing bedtime ritual. Avoiding naps if one has trouble sleeping can also help, according to Healthy Sleep Tips.

Rooms should also be designed in a way that it is conducive for sleeping. Other than making sure the room is free from disturbances, noise and cool, the mattress and pillows should be also comfortable and free from allergens.

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