‘Mechs Vs Minions’ IS ‘League Of Legends’ Tabletop Board Game Set In The World Of Runeterra

By John Ventura, Parent Herald October 31, 06:50 am

Fans of "League of Legends" who are also into old school board games like Dungeons and Dragons will surely like Mechs vs Minions. To put things straight, the game is hybrid in platform: it mixes the characters of one of the world's most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and the intricate and fantasy table-top RPG feel of D&D. in other words, "League of Legends" players will find this as an extension of their digital world, only that it's more interactive, let alone less strenuous, to say the least.

Among those who drew first blood in reviewing Mech vs Minions is Engadget. In fact, the blog network unboxed the game live on their Facebook page last Friday. It is, according to the "League of Legends" official website, "a unique cooperative tabletop experience" that will pit 2-4 players in the world of Runeterra. They will then take on the role of 4 "League of Legends" Yordles: Tristana, Corki, Heimerdinger and Ziggs. Their mission is fairly simple as it is straightforward: work together and brainstorm on a strategy to defeat a horde of minions. In essence, it sounds nothing more like typical, but "League of Legends" fans know that it will be more than just moving pieces of plastic.

Out of the box, Mech vs Minions haggles five game boards, and each will have a number of missions for the players. The Yordles are moved around by "slotting cards" in a player's command lines. These can be personalized to make the characters move, attack and deliver packages across the map.

Engadget reported that Mech vs Minions is "like programming": much like the computer-based "League of Legends" game, players need inept strategy and quick decision making to "execute the entire line, in order, on each turn." "League of Legends'" Mech vs Minions will carry ten missions all in all, and each task will go for around an hour.

However, the speed of the game will depend on the player's tactical capabilities and the way they evade minions. These hooded hoodlums deal damage to a Yordle that's next to them and in turn, a player will receive a damage card. The card will be placed in their command line and "mucking up the program" unless they use a turn to repeal its effect.

All in all, Mech vs Minions comes with the four aforementioned mechs, 100 minions, a bomb piece, 4 crystal shards, more than a hundred cards, 2 die, a minute glass and much more. The "League of Legends" board game already let out its first wave of shipment, while shipment #2 will start in mid-December. Mech vs Minions sells for $75.

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