'American Horror Story' Season 6: Living Up To Roanoke’s Ghost City Theory

Just in time for the Halloween Season, "American Horror Story" Season 6 strikes again with another winning plot. The story of each season involves mysteries of the unknown coupled with realities and matching lessons in life.

Ryan Murphy discloses during the recent EW Pop Fest that next season's material is still too far to reach. They are still doing a crossover sequel that combines the addictive elements of Murder House and Coven of the "American Horror Story."

That certainly brings excitement to the panel since it hinted that old time favorite casts of the "American Horror Story" are coming back. Original personalities like Emma Roberts who was Madison Montgomery of Coven will be there obviously as she is on the panel, as reported by Inquistr.

The breath-taking additional teaser that Murphy implied is the return of long-time gone character actor and actress, the beautiful Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott who plays the cheating but good husband of Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) in the "American Horror Story" Murder House, says Variety.

If Britton and McDermott really make it to Roanoke, that would be a blast. The society can relate to Murder House's family dilemma and that's what made "American Horror Story" a horrifying reality!

Also, how could "American Horror Story" Season 6 live up to the mystery of Roanoke? It is the disappearing English colony, an ancient village that is Dare County, North Carolina today. John White, the governor then has to return to England to get supplies for his people only to find a ghost town upon coming back.

Reports of attacks by the Native American settlers against the English colonizers were massive - and it took three years for White to return. Perhaps it's too late. He can only trace back evidence of horror to know what had happened to his people. Theories of their disappearance are reported in The Shadow Lands.

The mystery, plot, and people are real! Nothing we could ask for more from the "American Horror Story" - but we have all the rights to wait until its release, hopefully very soon!

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