'From Struggle To Success': Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Diagnosed With Dyslexia

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 03, 11:25 am

Dyslexia, which is a learning disability that affects an individual's ability to read, is often deemed as a hindrance to success. Despite the negative implications of dyslexia, countless successful individuals continually break the stigma in proving that they found strength through the struggle as they managed to thrive in spite of the hardships and the battle they face upon being diagnosed with the disability.

Dyslexia can affect anyone, even popular celebrities. Despite going through difficult times, these people managed to outshine dyslexia as they aimed for success as reported in Huffington Post. One of the most popular celebrities that was diagnosed with dyslexia is the "Pirates of The Caribbean" actor Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom opened up about his dyslexia during the Child Mind Institute gathering in 2010. He then describes the struggles of dyslexia where he explained that being diagnosed with the learning disability requires him to work three times as hard, especially when it comes to reading and writing compared to his peers.

"It was a struggle. It was a lot of work," Bloom stated during his speech. "I had to work three times as hard to get two-thirds of the way. I was frustrated with that learning disability. It makes you feel stupid."

Tom Cruise is also one of the most successful celebrities who struggle with dyslexia. During his interview with XL Semanal, Cruise opens up about the disability where he shared that he was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was 7.

Aside from Orlando Bloom and Tom Cruise, their fellow actress, Kiera Knightley was also diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of six. During her interview with Daily Mail, Kiera Knightley shared that her dyslexia did not stop her from striving for success.

Aside from popular movie stars, newscaster, Anderson Cooper also opened up about being diagnosed with dyslexia. The CNN news anchor opened up about his condition during his interview with Oprah where he stated that his dyslexia didn't stop him from reading as he thrives for success.

Do you have your success stories in relation to being dyslexic? Do share it with us as we inspire others through the comment section below.

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