Discussing Suicide With Your Child

Suicide is not an easy topic to discuss, but being able to talk openly about it is beneficial. Discussing it with teens and children may be even more challenging, but it is something they need to know.

According to the Center of Parenting Education post, the third leading cause of death among young people in America is suicide, and the first and the second ones are the accidental deaths and homicides.

How can a parent get to know that their child might be thinking about suicide? There are few signs of which a parent can be alert about it. When they see changes in their child's mood and when their child is feeling lonely and empty, and another sign is when a child attempts or threatens to do self-harm.

A parent should pick a proper time to discuss this matter, and the best is when something regarding suicide comes on television so that the child can also relate to it and can also talk during a car drive, as that is that time where they cannot get distracted by anything.

Another way to discuss suicide with a child is to review the previous accidents when someone attempted suicide, tell them how is did not only took that person's life but also how it affected the whole family describes their death to the child, Health Talk recommended this.

It is important for a parent to be a good listener; one should listen to their child's problem with full attention and should help them to resolve that problem, but make sure not to react over or under react to their problems because if a parent does those children do not come back to them to discuss their problems, be balanced. Show full support to them if they are struggling with something.

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