Parenting 101: How To Prepare A Child For An Upcoming SIbling

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald November 02, 08:19 pm

It is extremely common for a child to get jealous from their new siblings. It usually happens because they are not used to share their parents' love and attention with anyone else and when they have to, they feel jealous.

Before the arrival of the new sibling, parents should prepare their child so that they do not feel unloved or anything like that. Once the sibling has arrived and no matter how busy parents are with the new baby, they still need to tell the elder one that they love him or her. This can be done by spending extra alone time with them, so that they do not feel bad about the arrival of the baby.

According to the Aha Parenting post, parents should try to build the connection of their child with the new baby. If a parent starts referring their new baby as "your baby" or "your sister" then they feel less displaced and they also feel like they own the baby and it is their responsibility to take care of them.

Kids Health added that  if the elder child wants to help the baby, then parents should give the older child a chance to interact with the baby in a positive way. Make the elder one involve in every day tasks. For example, ask them to bring the baby's bottle or their napkins. Even if it is a small work or it's may take longer, just let them do it so that they can feel that they are helping their parents.

Sometimes it also happens that the elder one takes no interest in the baby but do not get stressed and do not force a child to love the new born baby as well. However, parents should remember that adjustments do not happen overnight instead it's imperative to give them some time and they will eventually see how much they adore the little one.

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