Drew Barrymore Parenting Goals For The Holidays: No Toy Gifts For Daughters, Christmas Will Be With Ex-Husband Will Kopelman

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald November 07, 12:00 am

Drew Barrymore might be newly-divorced but she's not letting this dampen the holidays with her family. The actress is committed to co-parenting with ex-husband Will Kopelman and they have agreed to spend Christmas together. Drew Barrymore also revealed her holiday parenting plan of not giving her daughters any toys for Christmas.

Drew Barrymore's two girls, Olive, 4 and Frankie, 2 and a half, are going to get art supplies and crafts from their mother for Christmas. She believes that these would be the best gifts for her preschoolers to discourage spoiling the children. "They're more inclined to share, it's more communal, they make stuff," the actress told People.

The Hollywood star has also made plans this early for her and her girls to spend Christmas with ex-husband Will Kopelman, the children's father. They are planning to vacation in warm climate, Page Six reports.

Drew Barrymore and her third husband agreed to divorce but they have been doing their best to co-parent their young kids. In fact, they have been involved in plenty of activities with their children even when they are no longer together as a couple. "If you make everything okay for your kids it seems like it takes [away] the sense of doom and failure and misery on just so many levels," the actress said, according to New York Daily News.

Drew Barrymore stressed that it's important for her and Will to be supportive of each other as divorced parents, if only to bring stability to their young girls. So, they make it a point to spend weekends together or attend classes and other activities as a family. "Our children see us together in solidarity all the time," the 41-year-old mom added.

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman were married for four years. Huffington Post reports that their divorce was made official this August.

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