STD In Teens Reach All-Time High, Most Number Of Cases Recorded In California; What Is The Reason Behind This?

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald November 08, 04:27 am

The number of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) cases has increased for two years in a row and teens are most the affected with different diseases related to STD. According to reports, the highest number of cases is recorded in California and the lack of sex education might be the reason behind the increasing number of STD cases.

Data about the recorded STD cases was released in October and it revealed that in 2015, increases were recorded nationally for the second year in a row. It was recorded that 1.5 million chlamydia cases was recorded, which is the highest number of STD case ever reported. The people often infected with STD are those in the age bracket of 15 to 24 years old, Time reported.

Accordingly, the number one reason for the rise in STDs is because only 22 states and the District of Columbia require mandatory sex education, as well as HIV education. Many schools are providing abstinence-only curriculum. As for sex education classes, most of the topics are about preventing pregnancies from taking place, which are unintended, and how to prevent infections is not being thoroughly discussed.

With the lack of knowledge regarding STDs, it is believed that teens and those in their 20s are more fearless as previous generations, thus the increasing number of STD cases. Also, most classes focus on heterosexual sex and the LGBTQ communities are not mentioned.

Dr. John Steever, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York said in a statement that the lack of fear and forward-thinking are problems that are apparent with the youth today. Aside from chlamydia, the 15-24 age bracket also suffer from gonorrhea cases.

As for the California cases, ABC 10 reported that the California Department of Public Health shows that cases are increasing at a faster pace in the state than in other states. One of the STDs that is on the rise in California is syphilis.

In 2014, syphilis increased by 9 percent all over the country but it rose by 29 percent in California. Gonorrhea, on the other hand, increased by 20 percent and chlamydia was at its highest number of recorded cases.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises women under 25 who are sexually active to get chlamydia or gonorrhea tests yearly. Sexually active gay and bisexual men should also get annual tests for syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV.

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