Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Detection

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald November 08, 09:00 am

It would be valuable to the parents and caretakers if a diagnosis of the autism disorder would be made earlier. But according to Fuad Alkoot of PAAET in Kuwait, and Abdullah Alqallaf of Kuwait University, Kuwait, more attention has been unavailable to the possibility of early genetic detection of autism in contrast with the other body diseases that involves defected cells and genes like cancer.There had been some testing and methods proposed that could track if a child acquires autism; one of these is the study of JAACAP.According to them, children with autism spectrum disorder can be differentiated from children without ASD but with other evolving problems by eye tracking.Other findings, like the studies ofJAMA, stated that using a achromosomal microarray analysis and whole-exome sequencing among children with ASD may aid in finding genetic mutations potentially linked to the disorder.

            Based on Inderscience, the research of IJDMB results to a four-stage computerized neural network system has been developed by the team for testing simplified genetic data. Between 150 and 500 features present on different chromosomes can be traced by the system. These features in the chromosomes are said to be linked with ASD when certain genetic patterns are present.

            According to the team, as the child gets older, the symptoms in ASD increase and so, that might improve some problems associated with the condition since earlier diagnosis can offer the opportunity of treatment. Nowadays, only a medical specialist has relied on expert assessment on getting a diagnosis. On the other hand, stoppage of a complete diagnosis may take place if there will be some vague symptoms in the early stages. In contrast, a stronger diagnosis or putatively rule out autism may also occur if, in the diagnostic process, there will be a presence of genetic characteristics strongly correlated with ASD. A better understanding of how ASD arises could be implicated by the use of this method. A mixture of genetic and environmental factors, as proposed by current theory, are said to be involved on how the ASD arises.

            According to the report of the team, even before any behavioral symptoms start to appear, it will enable us to identify if a subject is likely to develop autism by the use of the subjects' gene data if the system would be implemented.

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