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Flying With Kids With Autism

Issues  21 April '17

Flying With Kids With Autism? What Parents Must Prepare And Do

As summer approaches, parents planning their family vacation should check out these tips, especially if they are flying with kids with autism.

Canada's Autism-Friendly Hotel

Issues  8 April '17

Canada Opens First Autism-Friendly Hotel; What Will Children With Autism Love At Hotel Port Aux Basques?

Hotel Port Aux Basques' owner Cathy Lomond, special education teacher Joan Chaisson, and the group Autism Involves Me worked together to transform the hotel into an autism-friendly site.

Legoland Florida Makes Its Site Autism-Friendly

Autism  1 April '17

Autism Awareness Month: Legoland In Florida Introduces Autism-Friendly Amenities

Legoland's launch of its improved autism-friendly park coincides with Autism Awareness Month this April.

Blood Test For Autism

Autism  17 March '17

Blood Test For Autism Detects Disorder With 98 Percent Accuracy, Research Reveals

Could this research potentially make autism diagnosis cheaper, earlier, faster and simpler?

Mattel Launch Their New Apptivity Toys That Interact With iPads

Autism  6 February '17

'Autism Games 4 - Matching' App Helps Reinforce Behavioral Therapy In Children With Autism

The new app has been designed with ideals and best practices used in ABA therapy.

Russian Troops Ordered To Withdraw Following Conflict With Georgia

Autism  20 January '17

Scientists Learn Why Children With Autism Avoid Eye Contact; It's Not About Disinterest Nor Anxiety

The experts hope their findings will help provide for better therapies for the kids and their families.

Augusta Levy Learning Center

Autism  27 December '16

Pilot Program Teaches Children With Autism About Day-To-Day Activities; Platform Aims To Help Kids Live Normal Life

A pilot program about day-to-day activities helps children with autism live a normal life despite their condition.

History of Autism

SPED Kids  18 November '16

Autism And Human Evolutionary Success

There was a point in history where individuals with autism were heralded as heroes or people of high social importance. A research study proves this.

Early Autism Detection

SPED Kids  8 November '16

Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Detection

The diagnosis of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder is usually spotted in early childhood. Early identification of this brain disorder would most likely make the life of the patients and their caretakers to be better.

'FOX & Friends' 2013 Halloween Special

SPED Kids  20 October '16

Halloween And Autism: Experts Say This Is How To Have A Fun & Memorable Trick Or Treat For Children With Autism

A child with autism is used to following routines and Halloween is anything but routinary. Here are ways to lessen triggers.

Marc Rich's 'Rich Foundation'

Autism  15 August '16

Autism News And Updates: Nasal Spray To Treat Condition Showing Promise In Trials

The nasal spray has showed positive results in a trial.

Artist Spotlight: Toni Braxton With Andra Day - 2016 Grammy Park In Brooklyn

Autism  8 August '16

Autism News: Toni Braxton Claims Her Son Has Been Cured Of Autism, Shows No Symptoms

The singer claims her son is no longer showing signs of autism.

Cat Brings Therapy And Delight To The Elderly

Autism  29 July '16

Photographs Allow Teenagers With Autism To Share Their Challenges Growing Up, Many Comforted By Animals

Teenagers share their challenges using photographs and many of them took pictures of animals.

A Different Outlook On Autism

Autism  12 July '16

Autism Should Not Be Seen As A Curse, Medical Expert Explains Why, Comes Up With A Center Dedeicated For The Spectrum

In Accra, authorities have opened a new resource centre that provides services as well as guidance for people with autism. The centre serves as an avenue for Ghanaians to change their view on autism: not a curse from God, but as a disorder.

Photo taken During World Autism Awareness Day

Autism  22 June '16

Children with Autism Can Play with a Robot To Develop Learning Skills

A Paris-based company has designed a robot that's programmed to help children with autism

Islamic Male Circumcision Practice

Autism  19 May '16

Does Circumcision Increase Autism Risk? Experts Are Divided

A study has found that infant pain could lead to autism. Some experts are not convinced.

Austistic Boy with Cerebral Palsy Undergoes Horse Therapy

Autism  8 May '16

Autism Is Caused By Demons, Controversial Danish Religious Group Claims

A Christian group from Denmark claims that it can cure autism “by driving out demons.”

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Autism  1 May '16

Is There A Link Between Autism And Mosquito Killer Sprayed From Airplanes? New Study Says Yes

A recent study discovered that aerial spraying of pesticides to kill mosquitoes may increase the rate of autism diagnoses.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

Autism  29 April '16

Human-Like Robot Helps Children With Autism Develop Their Social Skills

A large and sophisticated robot is programmed to help children with autism improve their social skills.

California Telehealth Network Launch

SPED Kids  20 April '16

Telemedicine: A Big Help For Children With Autism And Their Parents

With the use of telemedicine, doctors and parents can work in harmony to treat the children with autism.

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