Difference Between Baby Nap Sleep Than Night Sleep

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald November 09, 09:29 am

Parents of new born baby often have many questions about baby's sleeping habits. Does the child wakes up every hour all night long or does he goes on long starches of sleep? Is getting up every two hours considered normal or is there something to worry about? Just remember, every baby is different and expecting them to behave just as same is not realistic.

There are parents who are extremely concerned that their babies aren't getting much sleep at night. We are programmed to believe that night time is specifically for sleeping and yes that is true but it cannot be expected from babies to follow adult routine. According to Parents, every baby is different and has a different routine. It can be changed over time by making small changes daily.

As a new parent, having baby can get one to reevaluate life's priorities. Once was a time that sleeping was important but now finding yourself getting up in every 20 minutes or so to check on your precious bundle of joy. Often getting extremely distraught if the baby hasn't waked up in two hours even at night. Being realistic, this situation cannot go on for a long time because sleep deprivation can lead up to countless complications in one's life, according to Child Development Info.

If parents happen to find themselves disturbed by the baby's routine, start modifying it. Here are some tips that can be used to synchronize the baby's routine with theirs so that both of them can enjoy quality time with each other. Try to keep the baby active all day long; don't let him fill up his sleeping quota in morning. At night, play soothing sound and dim the lights to make relaxing atmosphere, also remember to feed baby at night so he doesn't gets up because of hunger.

Look out what works for the baby; rocking in lap, pacifier or calming music, whatever it is use it wisely. The more mothers get rest the more they will get energized and a new born baby requires much more energy than one can think of.

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