'Beauty And The Beast' Teaching Wrong Values? How Parents Should Address The Disney Film For Their Daughters

"Beauty and the Beast" has been hailed as one of the best Disney films but there are those who believe that it might be imparting the wrong values and life lessons to its viewers. The movie about a princess who falls in love with a beast could be sending the wrong impression for young girls. Parents must be aware of its stories' implications so they can guide their kids.

Anne Cohen of Refinery29 writes that while "Beauty and the Beast" is her favorite Disney movie, it has to be said that there's a false message perpetuated in the film. It tells young girls that they can change a beast with anger issues into prince charming. Cohen points out that in reality, a man who does not treat women well will most likely remain that way.

Gurl cites that someone like Beast is "borderline abusive." He keeps Belle a prisoner in his castle in "Beauty and the Beast." Belle's situation, on the other hand, is akin to Stockholm syndrome, where a captive grows affection for her captor. It can happen in reality but it's not without psychological issues and complications.

Of course, "Beauty and the Beast" is a fairy tale from Disney and such realistic views should be suspended when watching an escapist movie. But child expert Dr. Rebecca Hains offers talking points that parents can bring up with their children when watching the film. "Let your children know that they should never tolerate abuse," she writes on her official site.

Emma Watson, who stars in the 2017 "Beauty and the Beast" live-action with Dan Stevens, has expressed that her version of Belle has been revamped for the upcoming Disney movie. Aside from being a bookworm, her character is also an inventor, according to Entertainment Weekly. Thus, it's also important for parents with daughters to stress on Belle's qualities as a smart, brave and well-read woman and then use this to talk about similar female role models.

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