'Frozen 2' Release Date & Spoilers: 'Frozen' Sequel Out In 2018, Confirmed? [DETAILS HERE]

Since the hit Disney movie, "Frozen" was shown in 2013, viewers are eager to know when "Frozen 2" will be shown. The "Frozen" movie is known to be the highest grossing animated film ever and is still creating a buzz for the sequel.

According to Morning Ledger, the filmmakers of the "Frozen 2" are definitely taking time to make the sequel perfect. It was previously reported that the sequel will be shown this year but obviously that is never going to happen.

The movie is currently on production and voice actors have admitted for not going through recording yet. The release of "Frozen 2" has been delayed several times because of creating a soundtrack which is aimed to be even better than the first.

Kristen Bell, the actress who lent her voice for Anna said that the producers and everyone involved in making "Frozen 2" are in the process of developing the story based on feedback from the audience. Even after over three years, the movie is still a hit, especially among children. Besides, who will ever forget the song "Let it go?"

To add, Cinema Blend shared that Kristen Bell said filmmakers wanted to ensure the quality of the movie especially that of engaging the narrative based on sisterhood and even feminist ideals. It is known that "Frozen" received phenomenal praise for the portrayal of Anna and Elsa. The movie "Frozen 2" is then expected to take off with the same ideals and principles as the first.

Since "Frozen 2" is taking a long time because of production delays and intense development for a better story, it has made people more anxious and excited. A lot of fans are waiting to see future developments surrounding the two main female leads.

Will "Frozen 2" reveal Elsa's love interest? What about that of her sister, Anna? What could possibly be the next conflict? All fans are tuned in as the movie may be out for everyone to enjoy in 2018.

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