Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Reconciliation Update: 'BVS' Star Shows Support To Honoree Ex-Wife At Baby2Baby Gala

Parent Herald November 15, 09:40 am

The Baby2Baby honored Jennifer Garner the Giving Tree Award for her works in the organization. Though they've split, Ben Affleck was seen with Jen the morning after the gala as the two went to church.

The estranged couple was seen heading to church Sunday morning after Jennifer Garner won her award. Ben Affleck was seen walking beside Jen while bringing a tray of cookies. Since the split, Ben and Jen still stands united when it comes to their children, PopSugar reports.

Though Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck split for moths, the still shows support for one another. The parents of three also make sure that they are there for their children in every step of the way.

Being a present mother and father is clearly what Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck wants for their children. Jen's involvement with Baby2Baby is also not a surprise to anyone, especially the fans.

The Baby2Baby aims to provide for children in dire need. The organization seeks to provide the necessities for children as this is what they deserve, Variety reports.

Therefore, the organization is close to Jen as she also has children, Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina. Which means she knows that they need and providing these is important for their well-being.

Kate Hudson compliments Jennifer Garner as she has done so much for Baby2Baby. Especially in bringing awareness to the public on what the organization does.

Moreover, poverty isn't something that Jennifer Garner isn't aware of. Her mother grew up with nine other siblings in severe poverty in Ohio.

During the Baby2Baby gala, Norah Weinstein, the founder of the organization, thank Jen for her work and for making it a part of her life. The gala also raised $2.9 million. The funds will be used to provide the needs of almost 125,000 children in poverty in Los Angeles, Forbes reports.

Watch the interview of the Jennifer Garner during the recent Baby2Baby Gala at 3Labs California.

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