‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6 Cast, Spoilers: Jaime Murray Plays Black Fairy? Belle In Danger, But Rumbelle Sees Hope In Next OUAT Episode?

"Once Upon A Time" Season 6 is taking off to give way to American Music Awards, but spoilers and fresh updates on the show are in. Jaime Murray has been cast, and Rumbelle fans could see hope in OUAT Episode 9 titled "Changelings."

"Defiance" star Jaime Murray has signed a guest star role in the sixth season of "Once Upon A Time," according to ABC's press release. Murray, who also appeared in "Warehouse 13" and "Dexter," will be seen in "Once Upon A Time" Season 6 Episode 9, which will air on Nov. 27.

Titled as "Changelings," OUAT ninth episode will feature Jaime Murray as the Black Fairy. There were no further details though as to what the character will bring in Storybrooke.

Meanwhile, as Rumple continues to perform his revenge plans, "Once Upon A Time" Season 6 spoilers tease that he may be going too far in the next OUAT episode. His actions would also put his pregnant wife Belle in great danger.

In the preview of the next "Once Upon A Time" episode, Belle's baby seems to be about to come out, at a most unlikely time. Belle says, "No, this can't be happening." Previously in OUAT, Belle attempted to escape from Rumplestiltskin, but she failed. Rumple put her in a cuff and said, "Rumplestiltskin takes children." Could it be that Rumple is doing some bad deed again to take away Belle's child?

While it all look worse for Rumple and Belle, fans rooting out for Rumbelle could find comfort from the words of "Once Upon A Time" co-creator Adam Horowitz. He told TVLine, "The audience doesn't know where we're headed with Belle and Rumple, but no matter how dark things get, the show doesn't go bleak. It's still about hope, and it's always darkest before the dawn."

The dawn could just be around the corner, then. What do you think?

"Once Upon A Time" Season 6 returns with new episode on Nov. 27 on ABC.

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